What Martial Art Should I Train In?



When you’ve won a medal in judo at the Olympics and Gene Lebell is in your corner, you are a badass. The nice thing about judo is that anyone can learn to be a (relative) badass – you’re hitting people with THE PLANET when you aren’t bending their joints the wrong way with the total of your weight and theirs. Sure, there’s issues with the governing bodies and rank inflation and what constitutes canonical techniques and upper-level yudansha politics but it could be worse. You could be training in Combat Hapkido or Shotokan karate or wing/sving/ving/pring/tling chun.

Or involved in the Sōsuishi-ryū lineage wars, or trying to convince someone that Hatsumi actually has all those scrolls, or you that have a menkyo kaiden from Ōgami Kenkichi to go with all those other ranks.

God, I still hate Strikeforce events (even if Tim Kennedy still fights there).


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