A Brief Musical Interlude

I’ve always been a fan of the odd and esoteric when itcomes to music. As a white country boy in western New York in the early 80’s I was listening to Melle Mel, the Sugar Hill Gang, Van Halen, Ozzy and Black Sabbath, Herbie Hancock, Witchfinder General, Buddy Rich, Rush, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead – a bit of a mix.

I lke some odd things.  Southern Culture on the Skids, Cherry Poppin’ Daddys, Wall of Voodoo. X. Siouxsie. The Violent Femmes. 18th and 19th century classical music. English broadside ballads.  I find The Clash pretty mainstream and all second- and third-wave ska pop-py. I know the difference between country and western.

PS – I’m old.  

But I have a soft spot for the truly odd. The most hilarious oddball parody? Hayseed Dixie. That shit is funny and good music rolled into one. I once had my wife convinced that I had come up with the idea of covering AC/DC songs as bluegrass and those guys stole it from me (we weren’t a couple yet or she’d have seen right through me), which actually is far from the funniest story regarding our courtship.


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