On The List of Things I Did Not Know

André Roussimoff (André the Giant) used to be driven to school by Samuel Beckett (an excellent if eccentric playwright, mediocre novelist, piss-poor poet and someone who should have never been allowed near television though his radio scripts were hit and miss), whom it seems was friends with his father. Yah Wikiwandering!

I saw ‘Waiting for Godot’ with Steve Martin and Robin Williams back in ’88 (is there anything more pretentious than a review of a theatrical production in the Times, especially back then? TOGL is a sad, sad shell). It was…OK. We saw Robin Williams dragging his son down some street or other and being kind of a dick (it seems he was busy acting, doing meh stand-up, banging his son’s nanny and from what I can find drinking a lot).  This was during my Connecticut-living-prepped-out phase right after college.

Oh, and it’s true – never get involved in a land war in Asia. And study your Agrippa – which I have *g*.  (N.B. I have known the author since he was an undergraduate, his work is solid).


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