I’m Sure It’s All Just A Coincidence

Key witness in Tulsa police trial arrested on traffic misdemeanors
Five Tulsa police officers - including one who accidentally fired 
his weapon - served misdemeanor traffic warrants and arrested a 
key witness Thursday in a police corruption lawsuit against the city. 

The officer who fired his weapon is under internal investigation, 
and police refused to release his name. 

Kelie D. Barnes, 32, was arrested Thursday on outstanding municipal 
warrants, Tulsa Jail records show. 

Barnes' warrants are all misdemeanors involving failure to wear a 
seat belt, expired tag, no proof of insurance, no driver's license 
and speeding, according to jail records. 

A total of nine municipal warrants were issued in August and 
September for citations dating back to 2007, municipal court 
records show. 

Several warrants were issued Aug. 22, about two weeks after 
Barnes testified as a witness for prosecutors during a police 
corruption trial. Other warrants were issued Sept. 15, records show.
Surely those warrants were ready to be issued long before she became 
involved in this case, I have no doubt </sarcasm>.


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