Not So Very Necessary

So, I’m listening to the radio in the Jeep. And evidently there is a new ZZ Top tribute album coming out in a month or so.

Which, on its own is not such a bad thing. I like ZZ Top (up until Eliminator, anyway – since then I’ve found them much more ‘eh’, though Mescalero was at least interesting).

But then the DJ plays a cover of “Gimme All Your Lovin'” (did I mention I didn’t care for Eliminator?) by Filter. Whom I have never cared for – I always thought of Patrick as a Trent Reznor Lite product. And it wasn’t great IMNSHO. So I never need to hear that again.

Now, Wolfmother doing “Cheap Sunglasses”, or Mastodon covering “Just Got Paid”? THAT I’ll listen to.


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