I Don’t *Think* We Blacklist Anyone…

Robert over at TTAG says they are being deliberately not linked to by some gunbloggers (ooohhhh – a link!). Much drama ensues. Any of the 12 people who read me have probably seen it all over the gunbloggosphere already.

A: Gunbloggers (of which I am, sort of, sometimes) are not organized in any fashion. Even the ones who chat in GBC don’t often agree on whether water is wet from what I see.

B: Whining. No one likes it.

C: My blog – my rules.

TTAG is in my RSS feed. Some posts are informative, some are entertaining, some I find foolish and some make me want the 30 seconds I used to read them back. Like pretty much EVERY blog I read, at some point or another.


One response to “I Don’t *Think* We Blacklist Anyone…

  • Robert Farago

    As the original post says, the blacklist is unofficial. And I would not be so idiotic as to suggest that anyone has an obligation to link to anyone ever. But refusing to link to a site because it links to pro-gun control sites is small minded and deserves to be called out. IMHO.

    And here’s your 30 seconds back. With change.

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