I Don’t Go To Cons

I mean cons, the urban slang shorthand for fan convention.

But I get them. A sponsored, paid-for (except for your admission, parking, food, drink, merchandise, etc. – wait a second; how is this different from NASCAR, the NFL, country music, pop music, Oprah and the rest of pop culture? Never mind…) event where you can congregate with like-minded individuals  who like the same sub-culture you yourself enjoy. I take part in similar things, to a lesser extent.

However, since I don’t go to them I don’t know what characters most of these people are supposed to represent. And I don’t think of Alecia Moore as a musical act worth noticing.

I do know that if my daughter ever left the house dressed like this:

We’d have words.








Edited to add: Yes, she’s very attractive. It makes me feel a little creepy to acknowledge that, since she’s probably young enough to be my daughter. I’m officially old.


One response to “I Don’t Go To Cons

  • Weer'd Beard

    Yep, when I run security at Portcon Maine, I have to several times have “The Talk”

    “Uh, sir/m’am, You costume is lovely, but we can see your, uh…stuff.”

    At Anime Boston this year I was keeping a running tally of the number of Wardrobe malfunctions I saw.

    Still they are fun times.

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