G&*D*&^% M*&^$%F&*%$@# Computer

The machine I am forced to use at work – where my job is to use this machine to help people do research, look up books, articles, websites, etc – sucks big huge rocks.

It is running Windows XP 2002 SP3. It has a 2.8 GHz P4 processor with, I kid you not, *512 MB* of RAM. It’s a freakin’ dinosaur. Oh, and we don’t have an admin account so no changes to it whatsoever. No updates, no program installs, nothing.

When I complain about this I get stonewalled. IT laughs when I mention giving us admin rights to our own machines and the idea of replacing or updating this one is evidently A: not in the budget, B: a low priority, and/or C: simply not necessary so shut up about it already. I have half a mind to just take it home one weekend and “fix” it, but that would probably get me fired so fast it would make my head spin.


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