Enough Ammo?

So I made the mistake of questioning the love many, many, many people have for the 1911 handgun platform on a non-gun forum I frequent. Since it’s a non-gun forum I was not immediately dogpiled and told that I was a freakin’ idiot who should never question the design of Saint Browning (Peace Be Unto His Name) and it’s place at the pinnacle of handgun design.

I did manage to get told that its single-stack 7+1 capacity was sufficient for any encounter I was likely to…encounter *g* unless I was unable to hit what I shoot at and needed to spray-and-pray. Now, fallacy of bifurcation aside (either 8 rounds is sufficient because you can hit what you shoot at, or it is not because you can’t) what are peoples thoughts on carry round capacity? I personally subscribe to the “2 is 1 and 1 is none” school and would always rather have more of what I don’t need than not enough of what I do, but that’s just me.


One response to “Enough Ammo?

  • Wraith

    I share your confusion regarding the whole 1911 thing. I think it’s up there with the insane loyalty to outmoded technology displayed by the worshippers of Harley-Davidsons and Caterpillar engines.

    Tradition has its place, folks, but we’ve invented better stuff. Welcome to the 21st Century, please check your buggy whips and rotary phones at the door, kthxbi.

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