Stray Cat 3

My wife, who never, ever lets anything go (this is  a feature, not a bug, I must add) posted a description and pictures of Boris the FIV-positive stray on our local Craigslist. Long story short, a woman involved with a local rescue group arranged with the person who runs it to take Boris in and try to find him a permanent home. He has 5 or 6 FIV-/FeLV-positive cats he’s keeping at the moment and was perfectly happy to add Boris to the family.

It turns out this is the same rescue groups we adopted our not-so-much-a-puppy-anymore Simon from last summer. Based on these 2 interactions I highly recommend them, both for being willing to take in problem animals and for doing a good job with their adoption events. For anyone in the Phoenix area looking for a pet, it is Kit Kat Rescue.

The back story for Boris that came out after the Craigslist posting is: owner doesn’t neuter their male cat, lets him get out. Being a tomcat, he gets in a fight or three, gets banged up and contracts FIV. Idiot owner tries briefly to find him a new home because they can’t deal now, isn’t able to and so dumps him. He eventually winds up at our door, where we can’t ignore him and so do everything in our power to take care of him (including a week-long vet stay), find him a home (I talked to over 30 rescue groups that first month), set him up with what we can for living outside our house, and finally find him a place. All because one person is a big enough idiot that I really, really want to kick them in the head repeatedly with boots on.

tl;dr version – people suck. I knew this but I guess sometimes I need reminding.


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