This came up again at dinner last night and its an interesting phenomenon.

From The Urban Dictionary:

after looking up the info you need on Wikipedia, you click on random, interesting-looking links, reading new stuff, until you find yourself reading about something totally unrelated to your original subject.
i looked up “mickey mantle” on Wikipedia. when i was done, i clicked on “new york yankee players,” then “world series champions,” then on “brooklyn dodgers,” then on “leo durocher,” then on “laraine day” then on ” famous mormons,” then on “donny osmond,” then on “tv stars of the 70’s,” then on “david soul”, then on “starsky and hutch,” then on “tv cars,” then on “ford torino,” then on “torino talledega,” then on “richard petty,” then on “stock car champions,” then on “alan kulwicki,” then on “famous persons from wisconsin,” then on “jeffery dahmer,” then on “serial killers,” then on “howard unruh,” then on “camden, new jersey,” then on “campbell soup,” and then i realized i had just wasted the last three hours wiki-wandering!
This happens to me all the time (yes, I’m a reference librarian and I use Wikipedia – it has its place). Look up one thing, click on a vaguely interesting link, and the next thing you know you’re reading about GKrellM, or W. Grant McMurray, or the Ipswichian interglacial period.
Now I don’t think this is  a bad thing. Random knowledge is entertaining and sometimes useful. It is, however, a time-waster right up there with Angry Birds and that penguin tossing game I was so fond of for a while. Heck, it’s even a feature in Wikipedia. I apologize now for the 45 minutes you are about to lose to that link.
That is all.


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