Ryan Couture is Not His Father

He can actually fight at all 3 ranges effectively. That being said:

  • He got fought to a standstill by a kid I’ve never heard of before, who dominated the ring
  • His standup is way bouncy
  • He failed at both his clinch and ground games
  • He was a little…uncomposed, I guess? Not wild but not calculating

Still it was an entertaining fight, the pace was brutal and they mixed it up. He’s a game kid, maybe doesn’t have the star quality of his father’s career (which is over BTW, whether he fights again or not) but he’s a good fighter. I want to watch this Ricehouse kid going forward, he impressed me.

The Strikeforce referees and judges manages to not produce a complete clusterfu*& for once. I’m sure they’ll be back to it shortly.


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