It’s here. 108 on my way into work today. I sometimes need to remind myself that the lack of snow, and cold, and snow, during the winters more than makes up for it.

Did I mention that it doesn’t snow here during the winter?


In order to facilitate periodic escapes from the heat of summertime in the valley, we recently purchased one of these:








We took it up north of Payson last weekend to shake out the bugs, of which there turned out to be a number (mostly related to taking dogs with us, but that was part of the point – being able to take them with us rather than leave them at home). They enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, and the weather was lovely. Camped at a National Forest campground – nice facility, plenty of trees, well thought out sites. The people were all *really* friendly which I always find a little creepy but I’m like that. We’re headed back in a few weeks to see if we got everything sorted out.

The camper is quite nice, similar to a small rolling hotel room. The mattress that comes stock simply won’t due, which was the second biggest issue we found; the first being that there isn’t a Simon-shaped piece of floor so he paced around all night ’til I lifted him up onto the bed. all in all it seems like this should work out quite well.


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