Yes, I had read every play before I graduated high school. Most of them more than once. It helped that one of my high school English teachers made us read the annotated versions and encouraged discussions on the subtext (his Bible as literature and Literature of War classes were also quite interesting, and while babysitting for his kids I discovered Louis L’Amour westerns so despite the fact that he is now a wacky far-left hippy-esque moonbat, who committed some serious transgressions, I still owe him a debt of gratitude).

As a result I do things like watch a film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing while following along with the text and generate a running internal commentary on the differences. I also love old Will’s ability to develop  levels of social commentary, an engaging story, and slapstick comedy. Ken Branagh also does some exquisite casting and (while I disagree with his scripting sometimes) incredible directing.

That being said – I’ll watch any production/adaptation/performance of any of Will’s plays. It’s a thing with me, I really do like them even though some of them contain so much of teh suck it is appalling.

 His sonnets? Not so much. Oh, and the occupational field that has grown up around writing literary criticism of his works employs a huge numbers of academics who can suck it hard. Including my undergraduate instructor who decided that since my opinions on his works didn’t line up with those of the people who worked at Bowker, Gale and the Folger Library it sucked. Not the only sucky professor I had there, thought there were many other excellent ones.


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