In Which I Am Slightly Embarrassed About How I Have Spent My Free time

How did I not notice that Wolgemut is The Wicked Tinkers light, in medieval-ish  landsknecht type clothing?  Sure, they use a dudelsack (I think – it looks like it has 2 drones and a single chanter but I’m not a piper, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night) and rauschpfeife but the drums are mostly the same;  I actually know the history of the percussion stuff – bag type pipes and other woodwinds, not so much; and the resemblance is astonishing.

Of course there is a tremendous crossover between the renfairies, SCA folks and Celtic festival crowds so I suppose it isn’t really surprising.  I blame the best man at my wedding and my friend Bill  for any and all exposure to this sort of thing. God, I even had multiple M:TG decks at one point, each of which had a specific purpose. I got better…..


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