Carano vs. D’Alelio

Interesting match up.

Gina Carano has always been overrated; she’s a decent fighter but not well rounded and her stiffest competition (besides Chris Santos) both went the distance with her. She also has been out of training AFAIK, off shooting a movie or some such.

Sarah D’Alelio is relatively new and hasn’t fought anybody big except Julie Kedzie, who Carano beat; both Kedzie bouts went to a decision.

I’m not sure what Strikeforce is going for here, other than to maybe present some womens fights without the hype/title foolishness they’ve pushed in the past. Now that Zuffa owns them it will be interesting to see what, if anything, they do with the womens side of the game. Dana White can say all he wants that Coker will still run the show and it’ll operate independently but I don’t see it


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