Bicycle Tire Sizing

It seems there are 12,458,956,325,458,745 different formats used to describe the size of a bicycle tire and what size tube fits it. Not to mention that tubes fit a *range* of tire sizes, rather than there being a 1-1 match. Then you have to guess at (or know) the depth of the rim – evidently to determine what length of valve stem you need. Oh, and you need to know what type of valve you need on the valve stem too; God help you if you choose one that your pump doesn’t have the correct fitting to use. Let us not forget regular vs. thorn-resistant vs. self-repairing, or if you really want to get into it thickness of the tube wall. Meh…

Thank goodness the folks at the sorta-local tri sports store are helpful and friendly. Otherwise I would have been standing there like my friend at the gun counter at my range; well-dressed (think professional dress w/o a tie), well groomed, credit card in hand and very, very thoroughly ignored by the staff because he evidently exuded that sort of “Hi! I’d like to buy a gun! Now, I’m completely new at this so I have a couple of questions…” vibe that makes gun store clerks anywhere but Cabela’s and Bass Pro run screaming into the back to take a break until that person leaves the store. True story – it was hilarious.

Anyway, bikes are ready to go, spare tubes have been ordered, and summer is ready to break out all over AZ from what I can see. We should be right up around highs of 100 by Memorial Day.


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