Reference Librarianship is Entertaining

You get an interesting mix of questions. Most of them are simple – where do I find this, I need information on that, how do I print from the library computer?

But sometimes they are interesting.

“I’m looking for information on how the growing fundamentalist Christianity movement affected the voting behaviors of the Native American population here in Arizona during the last Presidential election” (asked 4 months after the election)

“I need 3 books and 4 websites that talk about Japanese tattooing techniques for a paper I have to turn in tomorrow at noon” (asked at 8:24 PM)

“I have to find information on social phobia disorders” (in reality, the topic was the mental disorders suffered by Andrea_Yates, none of which were any form of social phobia)

“I want to know how this health care law Obama passed (sic) will affect health care here in Arizona.” (asked a little over a month after it was signed into law)


Now don’t get me wrong – I got into librarianship because I was convinced as a child that my local public librarian could find ANYTHING; she always found was I asked her for and that’s generalizable, right? And I do a pretty good job even with questions like these.  But still, it has it’s moments.


Don’t get me started on the kind of behavior that makes it’s way into the Incident Report Log.


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