StrikeForce…Eh, I Can’t Be Bothered To Repeat Myself

What I said here.  And here.  And here. And here.  Sums it up, those do.

Oh, and when Randy Couture’s kid (a mediocre and kind of boring fighter) gets national billing because of his name, and ex-, never-start-(*cough* Cro Cop *cough*) UFC fighters, old school Chute Boxe guys, Fedor and Herschel Walker are your main draw you may want to rethink your business model.  

There’s a reason StrikeForce is on premium cable and UFC breaks exorbitantly priced PPV records (1,000,000+ sold for UFC 114) and sells out whatever venue they use. Say what you want about Dana White and Joe Silva, or the depth in some divisions and shallowness in others, they provide a better show and a better class of fighter overall.


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