The OC Ranting Continues

So, the gunblogosphere is ablaze with posts and comment threads about the open carry stuff happening recently in Michigan. I’m not going to link to here, there and everywhere since the 3 people who follow this probably have seen it already ;-).

I did want to make a quick post about it though. I understand the concerns people had regarding someone open carrying a shotgun into a library, but the rantfest that has ensued is kind of ridiculous. Politeness has managed to go right out the window on both sides and the Circular Firing Squad is working overtime. The young man was pushing an agenda, but in what appears to be (from cursory examination) a perfectly legal way. Focusing on “yeah it’s legal, but it was still a bad idea and he was a complete asshat” isn’t productive but it IS polarizing, as is “If you disagree you’re a FUD/Brady/flippin’ idiot”.


I approve of open carry – it’s a viable option and one I sometimes exercise.

I don’t approve of someone arbitrarily setting out “rules” for open carry, or telling other people how they should be dressed if they are going to open carry. You do it your way and I’ll do it mine. Don’t like mine? Too bad.


I do believe, as has been stated elsewhere, that there is actually one concept that should be applied judiciously when open carrying: Don’t Be a Dick. I also believe this young man followed that; others believe otherwise. That’s life for you, I guess.

But I’m pretty sure I’m right *g*.


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