Dogs. I Like Them…

Better than people. By kind of a lot, really. Dogs see who you really are, and you get from a dog exactly what they feel at any given time. Their love is unconditional (and often, sadly, given freely in spite of  the fact that their owners suck and aren’t good to them). I like any dog better than I like 9 out of 10 people I meet, and usually more than that 10th one too.

I’ve been given to understand that there are people out there  who don’t like dogs. I disapprove of them and hope they stay away from me. Mark over at Jaded Haven sums it up nicely:

…a persons like or dislike of dogs in general will tell you all you need to know regarding their general character and trustworthiness. If, when a dog approaches tail wagging your first reaction is to turn away and state that dogs stink and you don’t want the smell rubbing off on your Dockers, you and I have a long way to go before I will trust you with anything like an introductory handshake or my first name.

That’s putting it mildly. At that point I can write you off entirely unless you possess some skill or attribute that I genuinely need, and even then I’ll probably only deal with you at arm’s length because you suck.


He then goes on to reach all the wrong conclusions about cats but that’s OK – not everyone is a cat person. I am. I have a chubby squawking one laying next to me now – she’s demanding and neurotic, but still.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I could be the person my dogs think I am.



2 responses to “Dogs. I Like Them…

  • westsoundmodern

    Thanks for the link Jon!
    I’m all show when I start pissing and moaning about cats. We have four and for the most part they are ok. One in particular, a black and white mix we found as a tiny kitten on a Greek island while on vacation a few years ago is a real piece of work and unlike any animal we have ever owned. Absolutely no fear of anything, man or beast!

    • Jon

      We have one like that also, a feral kitten that wandered into our garage that we wound up keeping.

      I know I’m unusual in that I will tolerate behavior from cats that would result in me tossing a person who did anything even close to it ejected bodily from my home, complete with epithets. I’m just fond of them.

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