Open Carry…

…becomes a point of controversy again, this time over at Breda’s. Name calling, overly defensive behavior and even some good points ensue.

The consensus? It’s legal in many places and therefore your right.

The controversy? From what I can see, mostly created by Breda taking media reports at face value, which I most always think is not in line with news interpretation best practices, and then not liking the kind of responses she gets in the comments (one of the big reason I mostly avoid the Comments Wars of which the Blogosphere is sooooo fond). As Tam so artfully put it once, we should probably try to avoid playing Circular Firing Squad like that.

Do I agree with Breda? Not really, but that’s neither here nor there (she doesn’t care about my opinion, I expect, and vice versa). I’ve been reading her blog for a long time now and she’s a large part of why I started doing this myself but we hold differing opinions on a lot of thing, as I do with most people.

I don’t know that parking oneself in the teen section of  a public library with a shotgun is wise on any level, but if the library is pre-empted from making a policy forbidding it then they are wrong. Library officials feel the law is on their side and they can make this policy, so I can see why MOC is pushing on this.

Now, I know librarians (since I am one and all *g*) and many of them would find the idea of a firearm in ‘their’ library enough to drive them to tears, let alone a panicked call to the police, so I can see their perspective. But I don’t agree with it.

I suppose part of it is that I’m lucky enough to live in a state where OC doesn’t result in a call to the police, or if it does it mostly results in the police telling the caller “If they just have the gun in a holster walking down the street it’s perfectly legal, sir/ma’am, but thank you for calling”. I’ve never even gotten a remark from anyone, let alone hassled by the police or had to play 20 questions. And a bunch of the local gunnies have an “OC dinner” once a month where they meet at a restaurant somewhere OC’ing. I don’t go in for this type of political statement but I appreciate their efforts.

OK – that rambled a lot. Summing up; OC good because it’s an option; OC shouldn’t be a political statement, just an option; don’t be a jerk especially when you’re carrying a gun in any fashion; I like Arizona. I think that’s all *g*.


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