Dennis Henigan Said It So It Must Be True

At a Cato Institute event co-sponsored by the Federalist Society, titled The Future of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Dennis Henigan states (in regards to a point he is making of the gun culture vs. the gun control culture, which he of course characterized as “guns in every corner of American society” vs. ‘responsible…owners having guns in the home for self-defense while allowing government to impose reasonable restrictions…’; paraphrasing mine):

“The state of Arizona has largely realized the vision of guns everywhere…”

Not really, though we’re certainly trying *g*.

I fully support the tight of property owners to determine whether or not to allow firearms on their property (though I tell any business that bans them why I don’t spend my money there any longer and that I will publicize their policy so others can make their own determination). I understand that there will be certain public buildings where firearms will be considered an unacceptable concern (though these should be quite limited).

That being said – goodness, I’d like to think Dennis was right ;-). We’re not nearly as open about guns as he makes us out to be, at least not here in the valley. But we’re working on it. Normalizing firearms ownership, sporting use and carry for self-defense is one of the areas I work on as best I can, because when people see a firearm as a tool that requires an operator to determine what it will be used for, they are far less likely to have an emotional reaction to the presence of one (or the mention, in some cases).

I can understand the current discussion about how the NICS background check system can be improved to include those with severe enough psychological issues which might preclude them from owning firearms, but I haven’t been able to balance this with the issue of invasion of privacy, especially where medical records are concerned.  I for one don’t think the gun laws here in Arizona are perfect but they’re very, very good for gun owners and fans of personal responsibility.

Besides, Dennis probably isn’t right – that happens so seldom after all.


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