Strikeforce Fights Still Sucks Compared to UFC Fights

But sometimes you get a genuinely entertaining AND technical fight

Not Fedor’s last fight, where he forgot that huge punching power and a good leg-lock based game doesn’t beat somebody who’se active guard lets them slap an armbar on you when you follow them to the ground.

Not the fact that they have a female ChuteBoxe monster who doesn’t compare to other female fighters and does what ChuteBoxe fighters did for years in the IVC amd other vale tudo circuits – overwhelm their opponents with physicality, aggression and often way more muscle (Id love to see her fight Erin Toughill but I understand why Erin wanted to leave Strikeforce – it’s a flawed league in many ways). 

Not even the way Nick TRI/IM Diaz clearly intimidated Evangalista Santos (speaking of ChuteBoxe aggression *g*) and soft-boxed him until he also foolishly followed him to the ground and got tapped via armbar by a Cesar Gracie BB. I love watching Nick, but he’s only exciting to the technical followers of MMA.

It’s the Robbie Lawler/Jacare Souza fight. Lawler is a boxer and a damned fine one. Souza (a Henrique Machado BB) is a grappling technician that is a joy to watch. Lawler is one of the bext boxers in MMA, and Souza took him down repeatedly – not easy to do – and then simply moved from position to position until he ended it. It was entertaining.

Or even the fact that Nick Diaz


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