I Weep For The Future of Our Country

Not because this dim bulb makes statements like:

The issue is this: The Bill of Rights and the Constitution were written in an era that we are so far removed from, it is ridiculous that we still abide by the same social norms that were accepted in the mid-18th century….“But Chadwick, it’s in the Constitution, so therefore it’s the American standard.” It’s not. We’re in a different time. Today, we tweet, abuse credit cards, watch “Man v. Food” and smoke marijuana, which my Grandma says “turns your brain into a sponge.”


This is one of those scenarios in American politics where the smartest, most intuitive citizens need to force legislation upon the people, even when it is not the popular choice. The leadership roles that Congress and the President have taken oaths to uphold need to make decisions that are blatantly and obviously the correct ones, which will make for a safer country. A safer country, even when many citizens do not have the intellectual abilities to understand that it is the safest choice for them.

as this are exactly the sort of progressive, intellectual elitist claptrap I expect to hear coming out of our nation’s universities these day. It came as no surprise to me that a study such as this (NB: I have issues with the specific methodology used here) reached the conclusions it did. Working in higher education I am woefully aware of the lack of basic reasoning skills lower-level college students possess, and the lack of critical thinking is appalling.

No, it’s the idea that this junior Woodrow Wilson is actually a SENIOR JOURNALISM STUDENT and Editorial Editor for the school newspaper. His writing style is poor, grammar not so hot, fact-checking abysmal and lack of ability to use either rhetoric or logic in even the vaguest of manners would make Socrates hit himself in the head with a stick overandoverandoverandover…..

I can only be thankful that as a Soc/Journalism major from a third-rate (for those programs at least – CSU as a public Research 1 land-grant institution seems to be OK overall) school there’s not a hope in hell this young man will ever find gainful employment in any field where his opinion can sway anybody outside his immediate social circle. Thank God.

H/T to Kurt


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