Criminals Are Stupid, Or Something Like It

Robb has a post up that has got me thinking about much of the discussion regarding more gun control after the tragedy in Tucson this past weekend. The gist of it is: 

If we make X illegal, criminals will have to consider the consequences and thus will limit the number of crimes committed.

Yeah, right….

I saw on aboard I frequent a corollary to this which stated (paraphrasing mine, I’m conflating multiple statements for brevity’s sake):

If we make it that much more difficult for criminals to get (30 round magazines) and they have to do that much more jumping through hoops/planning ahead/training, maybe that will make it too difficult for them and they won’t commit the heinous crimes they were planning.

Yeah, right….

In my experience (which is partially based on having a mis-spent youth that involved fraternizing with what can only be called undesirable types), the numerous stories I read and the many, many stories I’ve heard from various LEO’s – criminals are stupid.

They don’t think through the consequences of their actions. If they did, They Wouldn’t Do The Stupid Things They Do! I could provide dozens of links to stories that illustrate my point, but s simple Google search will turn up all the evidence you need. Or spend some time someplace like or another LEO board and you’ll see everything you need to convince you that this premise is correct.

As far as preventing something like the shooting this weekend, the shooter could have simply waited 5 days after he bouthg the Glock he used and bought another handgun. Or trained for all of a couple of hours and learned to do a tactical reload with factory magazines that wouldn’t FTF. Considering that he was willing to stop at multiple stores to obtain ammunition, he clearly was willing to jump through some hoops to accomplish his goal. I don’t think making 30 round magazines illegal would have prevented squat.

Just like making things that are uncommon illegal will prevent them from happening unless there is enforcement (there often isn’t – laws like those are used to add additional charges AFTER someone has already been caught for something else, or as an excuse for LE to slap a charge on someone when they couldn’t find anything else to charge them with);  1,000 foot rule regarding Federal officials and firearms? So I’m not allowed to drive up 16th Street past Missouri without it being a felony? Not just no but HELL no. 

And don’t get me started on making already things illegal-er. That accomplishes nothing whatsoever.

I am for the rule of law, always have been. But the proliferation of what strike me as unnecessary laws in the current political environment worries me more than a little.


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