More On The CCW-Carrying Citizen Who Did The Right Thing in Tucson

Brad over at The Truth about Guns posted a Fox News interview with Joe Zamudio, one of the 4 citizens who subdued that fellow who with any luck will be meted speedy justice rather than run or wait for LE to arrive. He is clearly a good example of what we here in AZ like to think the typical CCW permit holder to be.

 Joe: “I heard gunshots, I ran outside to help. You know, I was carrying a gun and I would have shot him…I, I almost did.”

Geraldo: “Why didn’t you.”

Joe: “They’d already had a-hold of him, and there was a lot of people around him, and I wasn’t going to cause any more collateral damage or scare anybody any further than they needed to be scared. I felt like  I  could hold him down and wait for police, and it wasn’t my responsibility to end his life.”

He showed courage, judgement and responsibility during the couple of seconds he had to react to a horrific situation. At 24 years old, just 2 years older than the murderous nutjob. I’m impressed and only hope I could do as well (though I hope it is never, ever necessary).


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