Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

I know at least a couple of the 7 people reading this *g* are in the Phoenix metro area, so I want to plug  an organization that is helping people who are losing or have lost their homes in this swirling mess of an economy hang on to their  pets.


It was started by a group of real estate professionals who were appalled at the number of pets they were finding simply abandoned in houses either in forclosure or whose owners walked away from them. The stated goal is to find a way to help people keep their pets via donations of food or money, temporary fostering services if they just need time to find a new place where they can have their pets, adoption services and rescue. There are strict requirements for eligibility to prevent abuse and they vet pretty thoroughly.

If you know someone who needs this type of help, please steer them towards this group. If you can help them in any way and are so inclined, I’m certain they would greatly appreciate it (NB: I am not affiliated with this organization in any way other than having donated to it, though I am considering volunteering for them – they just came back onto my radar because I learned of someone in the area in exactly this predicament and I recommended they contact this group for help).

And all of the rescue groups are overwhelmed at the moment, so if there’s something you can do for any of them it will help. Remember – pets can’t take care of themselves and we’re the ones who domesticated them in the first place. 

Oh, and always keep in mind when dealing with me – I like my dogs far better than I will ever like you. 😉


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