First Traffic Stop While Carrying

We’re on our way home from dinner and we go past a local LEO speed trap doing 15-ish miles over the speed limit (in a silver BMW convertible, which I’m pretty sure got his attention *g*). Wife gives him her license and registration. I have no legal obligation to tell him I’m carrying unless he asks, but my opinion is that if I don’t tell him and it comes up later he will be…less than sympathetic towards us. So I tell him I’m a CCW permit holder and I have a handgun in the bag on the back seat. He goes to run  her license/registration and thanks me for informing him. Doesn’t insist on securing the gun, in fact doesn’t mention it again

LEO comes back, does the usual “Where are you going? Where are you coming from?  How do you like AZ (our MVD record shows we traded in our licenses from our previous state when we moved)?”  battery of questions to determine if we’re drunk, or nervous. And then gives her a warning (written, so there’s a formal record that she caught a break which would no doubt be used to bludgeon her if she gets stopped again) and we’re on our way home.

All in all a positive interaction. I’ve heard plenty of stories about guns being ‘secured’ and then fumbled with by officers who don’t know how to take them down but want it disassembled and returned after the stop in a pile of parts and the rounds in a plastic bag (not from this department specifically), guns getting scratched, CCWer’s getting given large doses of grief and the like. This was as simple as pie and I was pleased. I have no way of knowing if informing him I had a gun made any difference but it seemed to be taken positively.

I’m  a little torn on this. I believe in offering as little information to the police as possible, especially after the first time I saw this. But traffic stops here give LEO’s some additional statutory powers and meet the definition of a detention so I don’t have the options I would during a casual interaction, simple stop or Terry stop. So, I waffle. 

Now I’m just waiting for the first time I run into an LEO while OCing. Local PD should be good, the big city guys have been known to be a problem sometimes.


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