Took A Friend Shooting Today

A friend of mine asked me a while back to take her to the range and let her shoot a bunch of different guns to narrow down what she would be comfortable with and teach her basic gun handling and safety. She’s been shooting with us before but never had any systematic instruction and mostly shot a .22LR revolver.

I had given her several of the NRA training/informational materials to read beforehand so she’d have a good conceptual idea of how guns work and the safety rules and we could get straight on to where the rubber meets the road.

So, off we went. After a brief lecture/Q&A on the 4 rules (and how if I get swept more than once, things become tense quickly – she did fine though) and gun range etiquette she tried in no particular order :

  • a S&W Model 10 4″ HBAR I picked up used last week
  • a SA XD-9mm subcompact
  • a Ruger SP101, shooting .38 instead of .357
  • a S&W Model 12 Airweight 4″ I bought dirt cheap a number of years ago
  • a Sig P239

She had issues with the semi’s, both working the slide and dropping it via the slide lock lever, and she limp-wristed them and generally didn’t like them. No big deal, that was about what I expected.

She did quite well with all the revolvers, preferring the Model 10 overall. Her last couple dozen rounds were close to being good enough tor the AZ CCW qualifier – she improved quite a bit once she got comfortable with the gun and started relaxing and having fun. It’s nice to see someone settle in and try to improve their shot placement *g*.

I had her run a bunch of extra cylinders through the SP101 since her husband owns one and she should be familiar with it. Now it’s just a matter of  getting her a Model 10 of her very own :-). We talked a bit about defensive gun use and storage possibilities (they have 2 adorable daughters whom we just happen to be godparents to) and she’s going to give it all some thought and discuss it with her husband.



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