We win Because, Well They Suck

A couple of absolutely adorable undergrads(sophomore poli sci and art majors, and the pres. and veep of the campus College Democrats which makes them even more darling) at UNH Durham publish a poorly reasoned and poorly written screed against gun rights. I won’t link to it, in keeping with my stand on not linking to material that I don’t agree with unless I think it will add to the discussion and this is small-time, but you can find it “The New Hampshire” in their “From the Left” Op-Ed column.

Political science majors, especially ones who are only a couple or three years into it and really just beginning to A: discover the historical record of this great world of ours and B: are rapidly absorbing it throught the lens of “…some Marxian historian…” (i.e. the majority of faculty at most universities) are just the cutest little things; I know, I was one once though I had the good fortune to be influenced by a Goldwater-era conservative professor – an animal that still existed in the mid-80’s.  Art majors in my experience lack touch with reality.

A pro-gun…jackanapes, for lack of a better term, who appears to be a regular poster on the UNH blog writes a rebuttal. Hilarity ensues.

H/T to The Man W/O Pants


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