9 Years

I’ve taken to retelling this story every year on this date, from an individual I know regarding a co-worker of his who was in Tower 2 when the first plane hit.

“He tells an exceptionally harrowing tale of how the 2nd tower was being evac’d after the 1st one was hit, but then there was an announcement that the event was contained to the 1st tower, and to go back to your office because it was safer there, and how close he was to turning around and going back upstairs before the voice in his head said “keep going”.

He was on the 12th floor (if I recall correctly, somewhere near there) when plane 2 hit, and I can’t shake what he said about the EMS folks going in and up as they went down and out:

“I saw it on their faces, they knew they were never coming back down, but they went anyhow.”

He’s not in today, and I think I can’t blame him for that.”

I was working as the import manager for an international freight forwarder. Our finance person (we did international banking facilitation as well as customs clearance, marine insurance and breakbulk warehousing in addition to logistics) was on the phone with the HSBC office in the WTC, hung up and said something along the lines of “That was odd – X said something happened to the building and he had to go, they were leaving”. We turned on the television in the office and there it was.

It caused us to nix a plan to move to Boston where I was locked for a job running the customs brokerage ops for an Italian logistics firm’s import/breakbulk facility, we’d found a nice loft downtown (somewhere near the aquarium, maybe? I forget) and were almost ready to commit. It changed our lives in an irreversible fashion; life has worked out pretty well anyway *g*, but it was life-altering.


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