Obligatory Knife Post

Since everyone else has done one, I suppose.

I own a wide variety of knives but currently what I carry with me every day is one of these:

CRKT Desert Cruiser.

I picked several of them up for a quite good price, so I have one in each car, one in each bag (I carry a laptop bag when I’m working at the library and a Maxpedition FatBoy Jumbo other places) and one I toss in my pocket. It’s a decent knife – no spring assist but there are both ambidextrous thumb studs on the side of the blade and a raised ridge on the back that make it very easy to open. The handle is comfortable and fits my hand nicely. I like the partially serrated blade and it holds an edge even with heavy use.

I used to carry (and still own) Kershaw Scallion and Leek spring-assisted folders. I love them, but the CRKT is more rugged and I feel less bad about using it as a pry bar, hammer, etc. *g*.

I keep a variety of multitools around, primarily Leatherman and Gerber types – I really need to pick one up for each car. I have one in each bag and one sitting next to the CRKT folder I carry in my pocket.

I also have in every car and bag a Moleskin 3.5″x5.5″ notebook with a pen banded to it, and a Fenix L2D flashlight.

It’s not overkill, I swear 😉


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