Mass Shooting in Buffalo NY

Story here.

Short version: altercation breaks out at a downtown bar/restaurant, management tells everyone to clear out, somebody starts shooting into the crowd outside. 4 dead, 4 wounded.

I lived and worked in Buffalo for a number of years and have spent enough time in that part of downtown to know that 2:30AM on a Saturday night is NOT when I want to be there. Most of Buffalo isn’t actually someplace I want to be at 2:30 AM on a Saturday – that place has gone seriously donhill from when I used to visit with my stepfather as a kid. The neighborhoods he grew up in, and where we would visit his family (Broadway/Fillmore and Kaisertown), are seriously ghetto now and were quite bad when I last lived in the city 15 years ago. About 3-4 years ago we went home to visit family and friends and drove through South Buffalo where I used to live (Abbott Road north of Caz Park) and it was a slum compared to when I lived there. A far cry from the family going downtown to see the Christmas display in the AM&A’s window and then heading to Haas Bakery.

Not that Niagara Falls was any better, of course. I miss that place even less than Buffalo.


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