New Refrigerator Day!

So, we bought ourselves a nice side-by-side counter-depth refrigerator a couple of years ago, to go with the new kitchen.

2 years and 6 service calls later (3 within the past 10 months), we get the warranty company (thank goodness we bought that extended warranty) to agree it’s got a non-reparable freon leak somewhere inside the body, and to get us a replacement unit.

On their behalf, once the determination was made and I was finally able to reach someone at the manufacturer it was a relatively painless process. Manufacturer issued the store we bought it from a credit for a new unit, store called to set up delivery appointment, very professional fellows showed up this morning to install it. I do have to pull it out and futz with the water line, somehow they got it so if the refrigerator is pushed all the way back it pinches the line. No big deal.

Now, to head over to the store on Monday and ‘convince’ them to switch the warranty over to the new unit – we still have 4 years left on a 6-year warranty and they WILL be making that happen.


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