What is Entertaining about TUF: Lidell vs. Ortiz is…

All of the 28 initial participants are MUCH better technically when it comes to a well-rounded game than either Tito or Chuck (when did either of the pull off a Sode Tsurikomi Goshi (sub-parenthetical insert: I don’t like how the Kodokan plays around with allowed throws, or how they classify them, but that’s another rant) using an underhook instead of a sleeve lift?).

Irony, I think I see it. TBH though, truth be told either Chuck or Tito would probably drop any of these kids; caveat to that is I don’t think either Chuck or Tito could survive in their weight class today.

And why, oh why, is Renzo Gracie fighting on TV? He’s got nothing to prove. He’s even from the good Gracie line *g*.


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