Gunny Stuff

Finally got to the range last week, though just for a bit. Worked over the Sig P239 I picked up for my wife a while back, works like a charm.

Cleaned and re-assembled the AR’s that had been living on the kitchen table for waaayyyy too long, need to take them out probably next week and run a few hundred rounds through them (looking to sell the Bushmaster to a friend’s fiancee and I never finished breaking in the one I built).

Put together a spreadsheet of my range ammo so I can track when I’m getting dangerously low (e.g. less than 500 rounds) on any caliber.

Found out J&G has S&W Model 15 LE turn-ins starting at $220 – need to trek up there soon.

I picked up some NRA training materials to use in helping a friend get comfortable shooting (she’ll feel better if there’s homework and a lesson plan I can show her – it’s cute). I am unimpressed. They do a good job on the “this is how guns work” stuff but handling, storage and safety info is inferior to what my dad taught me 35+ years ago. There will be much adapting.

I *think* I found a decent leather pancake holster with a thumb break that will actually fi the XD .45 4″, if it ever gets made and sent here. The Minotaur or a paddle work, but I carry the 9mm more because the Galco Fletch I use for it is just so darned comfortable. Plus, I’ve taken the advice – I forget if it was Tam or Roberta who said it – about OC’ing n a nice looking leather holster, which I’ve found is also more comfortable (and why I use them) That reminds me – must purge drawer-o-spare-holsters again.

Oh, and I want an FN AR.


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